Cobblestone Gaming

About Us

Cobblestone Gaming was founded after years of watching how poker rooms were installing expensive systems that instead of increasing the bottom line were taking from it by reducing hands per down, lowering rake per hour and reducing tips for dealers and action for players. We believed there was a better way to manage players, dealers, and tables. A solution that would increase productivity of the floor people and alleviate the dealer’s responsibility of tracking players at the table.

Its All About Win-Win

We questioned why floor people had to return to a podium computer to manage the room.  We wanted to provide access to our solution at the point of activity so we made it mobile and browser based.  This architectural decision allows floor people to run our solution from any mobile device.  There is no application to download.  Just go to a webpage and log in.  Tournament Directors can create tournaments, open seats, update multiple clocks, view registration reports, and close tournament registration while floor personnel can open/close tables, open seats, add players to wait lists or transfer lists without ever leaving the floor.

Cobblestone Gaming also had the vision that ratings should automatically start when a player sits down at the table with no extra work for the dealer or the floor person. If a player moves to another seat, or they miss a blind the system should track them without any need for the dealer to stop dealing. If they leave the table the solution should automatically know it and close their rating without any required interaction from the dealer or floor.  We provide this capability to track players, dealers, open seats, and service requests by utilizing RFID technology placed under the table.  The top of the table stays uncluttered and dealers continue to deal exactly as they were trained with no extra swiping of cards or pushing of buttons.

Patron interaction was another major area that Cobblestone Gaming wanted to address.  We developed an online reservation system that is completely integrated with the Tournament module.  It gives the Tournament Director total control of what tournaments are published online, how many seats are made available to online patrons, and the ability to unpublish the tournament at anytime.  We also provide an integrated Will-Call module for redemption at the cage.  Also for the patrons, we designed a web-based Patron Clock module that allows players to see the clock on their own device without having to download any app.  The patron points their browser to a URL and they are immediately able to view all tournament clocks that are currently running or upcoming.  We even include the structure sheet for them to view.

Cobblestone Gaming Casino Management software is the first completely browser based, mobile, RFID enabled solution that…