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Cobblestone Integrates Online Tournament Reservations

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Cobblestone Gaming now offers a fully integrated On-line Reservation system that allows tournament directors total control of online reservations, will-call and registrations from one interface.

Increasing guarantees have reignited poker tournaments around the world.  With these guarantees, comes an influx of players that are willing to travel further to take a shot at the big money.  These players want to insure that they will have a seat when they arrive at the venue.  In the past, players would have been directed to third party websites that took control from the venues while charging high fees to both the players and the venue.  The Cobblestone On-line Reservation solution routes players to the venues website, ensuring the player won’t see competitive tournament advertising that might lure them away.

Control stays in the venues’ hands where tournament directors, cage and accounting personnel have up-to-date reports that detail reserations, cancellations, and total monies collected for each tournament.  These reports detail buy-in amounts, entry fees, service fees as well as any convenience charges collected.

Patrons are introduced to a stress free process.  They view all tournaments available, select their choice, enter their personal information and payment information and receive a registration confirmation in their email box.  On the day of the event they show the confirmation email at the Will-Call window where the cashier scans the number and the player’s seat is assigned and printed out.

The Cobblestone On-line Reservations solution creates an economically sound path for both the venue and the players.  The venue controls their costs, manages the tournament from one interface and gets up-to-date detailed reporting.  Patrons benefit from a convenient, easy to use interface while enjoying reduced fees and hassles.  Effective and efficient – the true path to success.

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