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Cobblestone integrates table drop with RFID Cutcard Tracking


Cobblestone Gaming’s Cobblestone Poker Room Management system now using data automatically collected through RFID Cutcards to associate dealer hands with table drop.

Determining the average drop per hand has been difficult to calculate. While Poker directors have created spreadsheets with changing formulas they often only produce an educated guess.  By utilizing Cobblestone Gaming’s RFID enabled cutcards, poker directors can get a clear picture of what is happenning at the tables.  We automatically track dealers hands dealt without any change to the current dealer process.  They continue to shuffle, cut cards and deal while we track every hand.  Our tracking provides extensive information which includes hands per down, hands per game type, average hands for all dealers, hands per time based games, and much more.

We have also added a Table Drop module that can be used to report the actual drop count for every table.  By correlating the table drop with true hand counts, directors get a definative picture of the average drop per hand. This valuable data advances a more effective and efficient business flow by imparting which dealers are excelling and which may require additional training.  

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