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Cobblestone v3.4 adds Enhanced Tournament Table Management

Cobblestone Gaming announces the addition of enhanced tournament table and seat management capabilities to its Cobblestone Casino and Poker Room Management solution.  The new remove/lock/unlock feature allows Tournament Directors to more accurately control their tournaments while providing better service to their players.

Great Tournament Directors constantly observe registrations and table/seat availability within their tournaments.   With the growing competition between venues for players, directors need a more granular way to control the distribution of tables and seats within the tournament.  Cobblestone Gaming has developed a table locking mechanism that gives Tournament Directors that functionality while preserving the required randomness of seat assignment.

There are some instances where Tournament Directors may open too many tables for a given tournament.  Cobblestone Gaming now allows them to remove the table from the tournament as long as no seat has been sold at that table.  If there are players assigned to that table, the Tournament Director has the ability to void those tickets, remove the table and then resell tickets to those players.  If the Tournament Director later needs another table they can simply re-add that table to the pool.

There are other situations when Tournament Directors want to control the distribution of seats within a tournament.  For instance, if they have held back seat 5 and now want to release it on certain tables, they can lock any table where they don’t want the seat to become available.  Another situation comes when registration is slowing down and Tournament Directors want to have a more even distribution between tables.   For example, Tournament Directors can lock tables that have more 6 seats sold so that players will be directed to tables that need more players.  This way when the tournament starts you don’t have tables that are completely sold out while others have only 2 or 3 players at them.

Cobblestone Gaming designs, develops, and supports desktop and point of activity mobile solutions for guests, patron, and employee services. Their first product, Cobblestone, is the first completely mobile, browser based, RFID enabled poker and table management solution. It is the only system that takes the dealer out of player tracking and allows them to get back to dealing. We “Let the players play and the dealers deal.”

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