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Cobblestone v5.4 integrates Email/SMS verification, introduces MobileRate, and upgrades Player Ratings module.

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With the release of v5.4 of Cobblestone Casino Management System, Cobblestone Gaming continues to listen to its clients to add value where they need it most. The integration of Email/SMS verification into the Patron module, the addition of MobileRate which allows for manual on-floor player ratings, and a complete upgrade of the Rating module to separate earned ratings from discretionary comps provides operational value both on the floor and in the back office.

The accuracy of the data collected from a player directly affects the value of a casino’s player database. The integration of driver license scanners has improved the accuracy but email and phone information still needs to be added manually. Cobblestone Gaming recognized that verifying this data was difficult and has integrated Email and SMS Verification into the Patron module. This feature allows the system to automatically send a verification email or SMS to the player with the verbiage for the email/SMS customizable by the casino/cardroom. When the player clicks the link in the message the system updates their record in the player database and displays ‘verified’ by their email and/or SMS. The Cobblestone Verification module even allows the casino/cardroom to offer a certain amount of points to a player for adding and verifying their email or SMS information. The amount and how long the promotion is active is completely configurable.

MobileRate was developed for rooms that need a more hands on approach to rating players in their room. MobileRate allows a casino floor person to walk the room at specific times and scan each player’s card to track their time at each table. The system can rate each player by game or use a standard rating configuration for all games. Cobblestone v5.4 even allows the ratings to be based on half hour increments that can be rounded up or down based on the configuration that the casino chooses. MobileRate can be used with player cards with barcodes, magstripes or RFID meaning it can easily be used with most existing player cards.

Another area that our clients had asked for some help with was separating points that players earn while playing and discretionary points that players get from promotions or casino considerations. This capability allows rooms to provide special redemptions that can legally only come from the player’s earned points balance. It also allows management to audit the issuance and use of discretionary comps in the casino.

Cobblestone Gaming designs, develops, and supports desktop and point of activity mobile solutions for guest, patron, and employee services. The Cobblestone Casino Management solution, is the first completely mobile, browser based, RFID enabled poker and table game management solution. It is the only system that takes the dealer out of player tracking and allows them to get back to dealing. We “Let the players play and the dealers deal.”

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