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Cobblestone version 6.4 with over 200 new features and updates

Cobblestone Version 6.4

Cobblestone Casino Management System version 6.4 includes an Electronic FinCEN/BSA CTR filing module, automated SSN verification, the ability to send offers to groups of players through the casino/cardrooms custom mobile app, customizable SMS messaging and offer reminder feature, the ability to manage Safe Deposit Boxes, automated waitlist phone in extension for individual games, as well as updates to the Reports, Ratings and Patron modules.

With the introduction of Cobblestone version 6.4, Cobblestone Gaming has extended its leadership in managing Title 31 requirements by offering Electronic FinCEN/BSA CTR filing. One of the most time-consuming aspects of filing CTR’s is the requirement of someone going on-line and manually entering all the information about a CTR. This can create issues with accuracy as well as being costly from a resource perspective. The ability to look at a report in Cobblestone, select the CTR’s you want to file and then hitting send, reduces the time required and lowers the chance that incorrectly copied data has been sent. Once the CTR has been approved the reports are automatically updated in Cobblestone.

Having accurate information is extremely important when dealing with FinCEN/BSA filings. That is why Cobblestone 6.4 includes the ability to verify players Social Security numbers before information is reported to the government agencies. This validation protects the casino/cardroom by allowing them to validate the information while the player is still in front of them from and reduces the reporting of erroneous data.

Cobblestone has had the ability to send offers to individuals through the Cobblestone Mobile App, now we have added the ability to send offers to groups of players at the same time. This feature opens the power of data mining the information that has been collected by Cobblestone. Basic queries can be written to select players which meet certain criteria and then have a custom offer to each of those players. As an example, a casino/cardroom may want to send a match-play offer to any player that has signed up for a player’s card in the last month. They can easily create a Match-play offer and send it to the group of players that match that requirement.

Within the Offer module version 6.4 has added the ability to send custom SMS messages as well as send reminders to players that have an offer that is expiring. When creating offers in Cobblestone the user can choose if a reminder should be sent, what should it say and when the SMS message should be sent (i.e. 24 hours before it expires). This helps improve redemption and creates a link to the players phone and app.

Managing Safe Deposit Boxes can be a hassle and historically has not been done electronically. Tracking using a paper log has its issues which is why the new version of Cobblestone has incorporated a Safe Deposit Box tracking module. This module allows the casino/cardroom to setup their boxes, configure their rental structures, create an agreement that can be signed electronically, and track sign-ins and sign-outs of players accessing their boxes. This makes Safe Deposit Box rentals fast and efficient.

Some of Cobblestone Gaming’s customers wanted a way to allow different phone-in expiration times depending on the game. For example, a player who calls in or uses their mobile app to place their name on the list for both a No Limit Hold’em 1-2 and No Limit Hold’em 5-10 might be allowed 1 hour to come in for the 1-2 game while getting 2 hours for the 5-10 game. Cobblestone v6.4 includes the ability to do just that.

Finally, there have been many updates to other modules in Cobblestone. New reports, updated RFID tracking of non-linked player cards, cloud printing and SMS verification, Active Games Web Connector now includes Table/Cal games to show on your website, as well as many other minor enhancements and fixes.

Cobblestone Gaming designs, develops, and supports desktop and point of activity mobile solutions for guest, patron, and employee services. The Cobblestone Casino Management solution is the first completely mobile, browser based, RFID enabled poker and table game management solution. It is the only system that takes the dealer out of player tracking and allows them to get back to dealing. We “Let the players play and the dealers deal.”

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