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Smartphone Mobile Offer

For years the gaming industry has used shotgun marketing to drive more return visits to their facilities. Mailing flyers to their entire database for events and hoping that player’s won’t just throw it out. Then, when players come in for the event, workers have to collect the flyer from the player and somehow compile the information about how many took advantage of the event. Usually this information is just how many brought in the flyer versus who took advantage of the promotion.

Cobblestone now makes marketing to your players easier, less expensive and with much more detail on how successful a promotion has been. The key is implementing the Cobblestone Mobile application that is designed for your location. Cobblestone’s mobile application already allows players to sign-up on waitlists, check point balances, view food menus and see upcoming events. Now Cobblestone Mobile Application allows players to receive offers direct to their phone, even while they are in the casino.

Whether the offer is for match play, drawings, special events, or something else the player is directly engaged. Management can automatically send SMS alerts to players when offers are delivered or even alert players when their offers are about to expire. This direct communication will help increase the overall success of casino promotions.

For the casinos, they get the ability to send offers to a specific player that might be on the floor to help extend play, or they can send offers to groups of players, such as players that haven’t been in for a while or tournament players when a big event is coming. Offers can be good for a certain time-frame or they can be for a specific date. Cobblestone even offers the ability for players to receive an initial offer just for signing up.

From a redemption standpoint, players can redeem offers by showing the offer on their phone and letting them be scanned. This redemption can be done at the podium, at the cage or even on the floor when using the mobile redemption option. From a reporting standpoint redemptions are immediately reported and management can see how promotions are doing instantly. Offers can even be categorized to give more granularity to the reporting.

Adding Offers to the Cobblestone Mobile app provides a more direct relationship with your players and allows you to provide the events and offers that they are going to take advantage of. 

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