Cobblestone Gaming

Cobblestone 8.2 released with over 288 New Features and Updates including TIN/SSN Validation, Table Bank Creation, W2G Generation and Custom Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

Automatic Game Promotional Multiplier

Cobblestone 8.0 Released With New Gift Card And Progressive Jackpot Modules And An Upgraded Countroom

Cobblestone version 7.0 with new Dealer Coordinator

Send offers to players through their mobile phone

Cobblestone version 6.4 with over 200 new features and updates

Cobblestone Title 31 Compliance for Cardrooms

Give your players a mobile app tailored for your room.

Cobblestone v6.3 upgrades Custom Cardroom Mobile App, the Electronic Plaque module and adds Membership report to track member balances.

Cobblestone v6.2 adds Membership Tracking, Two-Way SMS messaging and verification, updated Promotional module and increased leverage of Cardroom specific mobile application.

Cobblestone v6.1 integrates automated voice announce, at table player check in/out, and seat rental option that times rentals to the second.

Cobblestone v6.0 integrates electronic plaques, cameras, and updates RFID module.

Cobblestone v5.7 increases security, adds more compliance management and provides mobile IRS forms.

Rate your players and non-playing guests.

Title 31 functionality expanded in Cobblestone v5.6.

Cobblestone Casino and Cardroom Management System v5.5 released with new Promotions module and updated Title 31 functionality.

Cobblestone v5.4 integrates Email/SMS verification, introduces MobileRate, and upgrades Player Ratings module.

Automated Player Tracking for Table Games

Cobblestone Casino Management version 5.3 adds Count Room Management, Enhanced Player Kiosk and Promotional Admin module.

Cobblestone Casino Management version 5.1 enhances RFID Player Tracking, Comping and Administration.

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