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Mobile Rate

There are many ways to track your players in your cardroom, but what if your room isn’t only about gaming. How do you track bar patrons or restaurant guests? They are spending time in your facilities so why aren’t you tracking, rewarding and marketing to them as well? Well, now you can with Cobblestone Gaming’s Cobblestone Mobile Rate. 

MobileRate was developed for rooms that need a more hands on approach to rating players and guests in their room. MobileRate allows a casino floor person or waitstaff to walk the room at specific times and scan each player/guests card to track their visit. The system can rate each player by game, time or visit. Cobblestone allows the ratings to be based on half hour increments that can be rounded up or down based on the configuration that the cardroom chooses. MobileRate can be used with player cards with barcodes, magstripes or RFID, meaning it can easily be used with most existing player cards.

And since Cobblestone is a browser based, mobile solution the tracking can be done where the guest is. From the poker table to the bar you you can let all your customers know that you value their patronage.

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