Cobblestone Gaming

Cobblestone 8.2 released with over 288 New Features and Updates including TIN/SSN Validation, Table Bank Creation, W2G Generation and Custom Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

Cobblestone Casino Management System version 8.2 has over 288 updates, features and new modules that include TIN/SSN Validation, Automatic Table Bank Creation and Tracking, W2G and Custom Dashboard Reporting and Analytics providing insight into clients Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Cobblestone integrates table drop with RFID Cutcard Tracking

Cobblestone Gaming's Cobblestone Poker Room Management system now using data automatically collected through RFID Cutcards to associate dealer hands with table drop. Determining the average drop per hand has been difficult to calculate. While Poker directors have created spreadsheets with changing formulas they often only produce an educated guess.  By...