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Cobblestone Gaming lets your players carry their own tournament clock.

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Have you had players complain they couldn’t see or read the clock during a tournament?  With clocks historically running on televisions attached to walls there usually isn’t anything a tournament director can do to help this patron.  Until now.  Cobblestone Gaming is proud to announce the Cobblestone Mobile Clock.

The new Mobile Clock allows your players to view any of your current published tournament clocks on their own mobile device.  Since this is a browser based solution it will run on any platform that has a web browser.  There is no app to download.  The player just needs to enter a URL or scan a QR Code and they will be sent to the specific poker room’s mobile clock site.  They choose the tournament they want to view and the clock will instantly appear on their device.  No matter what type of device they are using (tablet, smartphone, laptop), the software will automatically configure itself for the correct screen dimensions.  

At the top of the Cobblestone Mobile Clock screen the tournament information is displayed as well as the clock.  If the tournament hasn’t started yet, the player will see a countdown timer to the start of the event.  The bottom part of the Mobile Clock screen displays the current blinds, ante, bring ins and completion information.  Players can also choose to view next blinds, ante, bring in, completion, level duration, and next break information.  In the next tab they can view the total players, players remaining, total chips, average stack and the total prize pool.  The Cobblestone Mobile Clock even allows the player to view the structure sheet for the tournament.

We have made administration of the Mobile Clock easy.  To enable mobile clocks the tournament manager just needs to click the online button for any clock they want to show up on the mobile clock.  Once it is published changes made in the standard clock module will synchronize both the inhouse clocks with the mobile clocks.

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