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Cobblestone Gaming releases Cobblestone Cloud Poker Room and Casino Management solution.

cloud Casino Management

Cobblestone Gaming is proud to announce the release of Cobblestone Cloud, a Software as a Service cloud version of its Cobblestone Poker Room and Casino Management Software. Many organizations are choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) as a deployment option when budgets are tight and capital expenditures are harder to come by.

 SaaS also has many additional benefits such as:

Automatic upgrades
No hardware to deal with
Low cost of entry
Included 24x7x365 technical support
Completely Browser/Web Based

Every Cobblestone Cloud customer receives their own URL such as, making customer service seamless for any size organization. Every SaaS customer also has an individual encrypted and segmented data store so there is no co-mingling of data and all information is stored securely and automatically backed up for disaster recovery.

Cobblestone Gaming offers full future credit to all customers using our Cobblestone Cloud SaaS solution within the first 12 months, hence if you later decide you would like to purchase a on-site perpetual license you can do so with a full credit for what you have already spent.

Cobblestone Gaming also allows you to use choose any package to start with such as Waitlist, Display Station and Pit management and then you can add Tournament, Cage, Patron Management, Player Ratings, Dealer Tracking, Online Reservations and many other modules as your business requires.

Cobblestone Gaming’s rapid SaaS implementation means you can be up and running within 24 hours. Simply choose your starter package; Point, Click and Go!


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