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Cobblestone Gaming releases v3.5 of Cobblestone Poker Room and Casino Management solution.

Cobblestone Gaming has released Cobblestone v3.5 expanding their innovative and advanced Cobblestone Poker Room and Casino Management solution. The new release includes a new tournament points tracking system, tournament chop/multi-chop calculations and payouts, tournament payout with voucher payout capability, updated house-hold calculation for both automatic and manual payouts, an updated banner module, expanded driver’s license hardware compatibility, dealer tracking update, new reports, an updated administration module.

Cobblestone’s new Tournament Points Tracking Module allows accumulation of points for tournament play using industry standard calculations.  Tournaments can be setup to be point eligible or not based on the Tournament Directors discretion.  Special events can have a multiple added to the points to encourage players to participate.  If you have the Web Connector module, you will be able to publish the Point Leaderboard to your website.  Some of the reports include:

Tourney Points Board – Total points awarded for a specific tournament
Top Tournament Points – Top players and their point totals for a certain period of time
Patron Tournament Points – Point totals by tournament for a specific player

Cobblestone v3.5 includes a Chop Calculation module.  This module allows the tournament director to provide chops that will automatically update the payout structure and allow the venue to use the cage payout function to payout the chops. Chops can be done for multiple positions throughout the tournament settlement process.

Cobblestone 3.5 also allows the issuance of tournament vouchers during the payout process.  Vouchers for upcoming events can be deducted from the total cash prize earned by a player. 

Cobblestone Gaming has also added the deduction of a House-Hold percentage that is reflected in the Cage Payout reports whether using automated payouts or the manually adjusted payouts.  This feature allows tournament directors to hold back prize pool dollars for tournament point pools, jackpots, or national tournament events.

The Dealer Tracking module has been updated to allow for same-table pushes where dealers might return directly to the same table they had last been dealing at.

Cobblestone Gaming has added many new reports that include the previously discussed Tournament Point reports, as well as a Tournament Monetary Historical report that shows all money details for each tournament during a specific time period.

Cobblestone v3.5 increases the functionality of the administration module by adding easy to update configuration options.  For example, tournament directors that don’t use a point leaderboard system can have the tournament setup screen default that value to ‘NO’ while locations that do have tournament point tracking can have it default to ‘YES’.  Cobblestone Gaming will, over the coming months, be adding more default configuration options such as the number of tickets to print, tournament re-entry, vouchers, twitter broadcast, and many more.

Version 3.5 also adds support for other driver’s license scanners such as the e-Seek 250 and 260 scanners.

Cobblestone Gaming designs, develops, and supports desktop and point of activity mobile solutions for guests, patron, and employee services. Their first product, Cobblestone, is the first completely mobile, browser based, RFID enabled poker and table management solution. It is the only system that takes the dealer out of player tracking and allows them to get back to dealing. We “Let the players play and the dealers deal.”

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