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Version 3.9 of Cobblestone Casino Management software has been released with Tournament Table Balancer, Voucher Re-Assignment and new reports.

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Cobblestone Gaming has released version 3.9 of their innovative and advanced Cobblestone Poker Room and Casino Management solution. The new release includes updated Tournament, Cage, Waitlist, Admin and Reports modules.

Cobblestone Gaming has updated the Cobblestone Tournament module to include the ability to auto balance tables.  This new option allows tournament directors to select either a completely random seat assignment or a more balanced seating approach.  If the tournament director chooses to turn on Tournament Load Balancer the seats are still random though the system will make every attempt to keep all tables evenly filled as seats are sold.

The Cage module was also upgraded to allow for Vouchers to be re-assigned to another tournament as long as the new tournament has an equal value and the voucher hasn’t been voided or redeemed already.  This can be very important for Multi-day tournaments where a player may have earned multiple vouchers for day 1a and wants to re-assign one to day 1b, c, or d.  Within the Voucher Detail Report the cage can track the re-assigned vouchers and quickly view the newly assign voucher details.  The old voucher will show on the Voucher Detail report as voided.  Also, the issuance of vouchers now includes all fees (buy-in, entry, bounty, service charge).

Cobblestone Gaming has added many new reports to the Cobblestone Reports module.  

  • Tournament Patron Registration – Updated to include tournament and alternate registrations within one report.
  • Tournament Filter report –  Allows the drilling down and grouping of tournament information based on Event ID, description, start date, day of the week, buy-in and entry fee.
  • Tournament Historical Ticket report – The report now excludes from the dropdown any tournament that does not have at least one sold/voided ticket.
  • Voucher Reports – Now include all fees (buy-in, entry, bounty, service charge).

There is new functionality in the Waitlist module that allows a table to be opened as a Must-move table.  The table will show as Orange/brown on the tables screen.  You will also have the ability to promote a Must-move table to a Main game.  A few business rules were created for Must-move.  First, you can’t open a Must-move table unless there is a Main-game and you can’t close the last Main-game if there is one or more Must-move tables still open.  Watch for further upgrades to the Must-move feature in coming releases.

There was some minor changes to the RFID module.  Most importantly, we now check to see if a gaming table is opened, if not it discards transactions to prevent the queue from overflowing.  We also corrected an issue with Phone-ins working with RFID.  The system will now skip all Phone-in names on the list and proceed to find the next available player to fill the seat when an open seat lammer has been placed on the table.

Cobblestone Gaming designs, develops, and supports desktop and point of activity mobile solutions for guests, patron, and employee services. Their first product, Cobblestone, is the first completely mobile, browser based, RFID enabled poker and table management solution. It is the only system that takes the dealer out of player tracking and allows them to get back to dealing. We “Let the players play and the dealers deal.”

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