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Voucher issuing and redemption tracking comes to Cobblestone


Cobblestone Gaming is proud to announce the improved voucher system for Cobblestone Poker Room Management System.  This new feature allows a poker room to issue vouchers to players during promotions and then track who redeemed them and when the transaction took place.

During promotions poker directors sometimes want to give out tickets to upcoming events but what if a player wins more than once during a table share or a high hand promotion.  If you are just giving the player the buyin for the tournament what do they do after the first win.  With Cobblestone Gaming’s new voucher module directors can give vouchers for particular events. The system will track how many vouchers a player is given and when they were rewarded.  The player now has the ability to use a voucher to register for the event and/or sell the vouchers to others who want to play in the event. 

When a player uses a voucher to pay for an event, the system will track who redeemed the voucher and the time it was redeemed.  The tournament director can view reports that show every voucher that was issued and to who, as well as see who redeemed the voucher and when it was redeemed.  They know exactly how many vouchers are left unredeemed at the end of registration and can correctly update the total prize pool accordingly. 

The players are happy, the promotions are more successful, and the directors have the information they need to run their events.

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